A painter and collage artist, Don Crow has recently worked with digital media. He is assistant professor at VCU-Q in Doha, Qatar, where he teaches design and foundation courses. He has been awarded numerous grants and distinctions, including the Pollak Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts as well as inclusion in the Virginia Museum exhibition, Un/Common Ground. His work has been shown at Reynolds Gallery, 1708 Gallery, and Plant Zero as well as other venues, and he is among the Virginia artists whose work is currently featured in the traveling exhibition, Constructs. Over the years, Don Crow has worked in large-scale oil on canvas, painted paper collage, and watercolor drawings, all influenced by his training in abstract expressionism. More recently, Crow has included new media in his work: the digital processes of photography, abstract digitally rendered prints, and three-dimensional objects within his exhibition design. His fragile paper collages at one end of the spectrum and his large digital prints at the other end draw attention to objects as obvious constructions and as invisible processes.
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